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Bob at Eurotubes told me there are no plans for JJ to make a 12ay7, but in 
addition to the ones BBQ Bob mentioned, there is also Electro Harmonix, 
which makes a real fine 12ay7!
P.S.  The JJ 6v6's are SUPPOSED to be released next month...I for one can't 

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> > M. Erickson wrote:
> > I know many harp players like the Fender Pro Junior. Musician's Friend 
> > selling the very cool "blond" model for $250. ..."
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> > A couple weeks back I wrote that I'd just had the chance during a
> > to run my Harp Commander into a guitar player's Fender Pro Junior and 
> > it sounded great (it did). I was using a JT-30 with CR element.
> > Then, at rehearsal last night, I used the same Pro Junior (loaded with
> > 12AX7 preamp tubes) and just a Shure SM57 with the lo-to-hi z adapter. 
> > Harp Commander this time. As per BBQ Bob's advice, I put the tone all 
> > way down and put the volume between 2 and 3. I got a really powerful 
> > from this setting and was able to hang with the drums, bass, two guitars
> > piano. Granted it was just a rehearsal and we were all playing pretty
> > quietly. But the experience reminded me again how great this amp is for
> > (at its price point, mind you - I ain't saying it's a Sonny Junior or
> > vintage tweed Harvard ... or a Marble Max). If I owned a PJ, I MIGHT
> > consider lowering the gain factor on the preamp tubes (especially for 
> > with a really hot mic like my 545S or a bullet), but even with a vocal 
> > and the 12AX7s in there, it sounded pretty freakin good to me!
> > MN
>If you plan to change the preamp tube, just do the one in the first gain
>stage (the one closest to the input jack), the only tube I'd recommend
>swapping it for is an NOS GE 12AY7/6072 with the black plate, marked with 5
>stars on the tube glass, and they're usually packed in white military 
>As far as new production versions go, I haven't actully seen one, but I
>understand that either JJ or Svetlana (IMO, they're the BEST quality makers
>of new production tubes, hands down, with EI's behind them) will be making
>Barbeque Bob Maglinte
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