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> M. Erickson wrote:
> I know many harp players like the Fender Pro Junior. Musician's Friend is
> selling the very cool "blond" model for $250. ..."
> ==============================
> A couple weeks back I wrote that I'd just had the chance during a
> to run my Harp Commander into a guitar player's Fender Pro Junior and that
> it sounded great (it did). I was using a JT-30 with CR element.
> Then, at rehearsal last night, I used the same Pro Junior (loaded with
> 12AX7 preamp tubes) and just a Shure SM57 with the lo-to-hi z adapter. No
> Harp Commander this time. As per BBQ Bob's advice, I put the tone all the
> way down and put the volume between 2 and 3. I got a really powerful sound
> from this setting and was able to hang with the drums, bass, two guitars
> piano. Granted it was just a rehearsal and we were all playing pretty
> quietly. But the experience reminded me again how great this amp is for
> (at its price point, mind you - I ain't saying it's a Sonny Junior or
> vintage tweed Harvard ... or a Marble Max). If I owned a PJ, I MIGHT
> consider lowering the gain factor on the preamp tubes (especially for use
> with a really hot mic like my 545S or a bullet), but even with a vocal mic
> and the 12AX7s in there, it sounded pretty freakin good to me!
> MN

If you plan to change the preamp tube, just do the one in the first gain
stage (the one closest to the input jack), the only tube I'd recommend
swapping it for is an NOS GE 12AY7/6072 with the black plate, marked with 5
stars on the tube glass, and they're usually packed in white military boxes.
As far as new production versions go, I haven't actully seen one, but I
understand that either JJ or Svetlana (IMO, they're the BEST quality makers
of new production tubes, hands down, with EI's behind them) will be making

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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