Subject: Mic Cables

I wonder if cables can be tested to show which ones have less resistance. If
a cable has a lower guage wire (i.e. thicker) it might function more
efficiently. However, that said, I don't think the guage matters all that
much on cables of under 50 feet. (Yes, I said 50 feet.) I think the quality
of the jack and the solder job will also have a big effect. A cold solder
would, I think, wreak havoc with signal strength.
I have been advised that if one has  brass jacks that they be polished
periodically. But those don't seem to be too common now anyway. I just tried
an old cable of mine with brass jacks at a jam tonite and it worked fine.
I wonder what more technically knowledgeable folks will have to say on this.

Harmonica Blu

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