Re: SM-57, wow!, help!

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I have  wand style Shure mic that has the "floating head" mentioned earlier.
I didn't want to snap the internal wiring by twisting it once too often so I
took a 2" piece clear plastic plumbing hose (from any Home Depot, Menards,
or plumbing supply store) with a 1 1/4" internal diameter and used a razor
to slit it along the edge. I wrap it around the mic head and body.  It gives
me a good grip as well as an even compression to hold the head in place.
The hose wall is 1/4" thick so it adds another 1/2" total to the mic
diameter which helps with the hand cramp and fatigue. The hard edge of the
hose bothered me while I was holding the mic so I rounded off the edge with
a piece of sandpaper. It slips on or off in a second (although I always
leave it on) and doesn't have any tape glue to muck up the mic.

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