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Hi Mikael,

    Giving your students a 'list' of tunes is a very good idea, it allows
them to seek out performances that they would probably never known of and it
will  surely expand their horizons. Give them a kind of required listening
list and then let them pick 1 or 2 of their favorites and have them tab it
out and perform it for you at the lesson. Discuss the chord changes and all
the nuances.

    One of my pet peeves when teaching is having the student who may only be
into a certain style, really get out there and listen to some different
players "out" that genre. It's so important to develop an appreciation for
"other style" players as well as listening to other instrumentalist and

    If you had a student who is really looking to expand his technique on
Diatonic here's a little list to start with it doesn't have to be these
particular tunes, but these are just a few of my fav's when teaching:

Junior Wells - "Hoodoo Man Blues" (have'em learn "chitlins con carne")
Charley McCoy - "Charley my Boy" (Back home in Indiana)
Paul Butterfield - 1st Better Days CD/LP (Highway 28, Walkin' blues, Done
alot of wrong things)
Norton Buffalo - either of his first to solo lp's (Walking home from Suzy's)
Papa Lightfoot - "Mean ole Train"
Madcat Ruth - "Too Late" not sure of the name of the CD
Kenny Loggins -"live at the redwoods" (celebrate me home have'm listen to
Howard's 12 position solo)
Charlie Musselwhite's - recording?? " Christo Redemptor"
you get the idea.....................

don't let them stay in the rut of just listening and figuring out solos of
THEIR favorite records, make'em work! but keep it fun. At the end of a
lesson I like to put on a jam track so we can take turns 'trading choruses'
and playing off each other.

    Then throw in a curve ball, Have them listen to a Bobby Darin cut  and
see if they can hear and learn a bit from the way he phrase's (truly a great
singer/performer!).....(btw, Bobby loved playin' harp!) it's ALL about
listening,, but you already know this my friend Mikael!! (our Swedish
students are in GOOD hands,-)  i hope this helps a bit....
all the best............rob Paparozzi

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> Hi list!
> Is there any of you harp-teachers out there that have sugestions about
> recordings, blues and/or country, with harp-playing that a
> beginner/intermediate would be able to play. I´d like to offer my students
> list of songs to learn by ear themselves, and then we can discuss what is
> being played on our lesson.
> Thanks,
> Mikael Backman, Sweden
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