Re: SM-57, adapter

There is a slight benefit in common mode noise rejection if you transform
close to the amp.  But it's negligable unless you have a real long cord or
you are in a real noisy electrical environment.

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> hello again,
>   so, i've already heard from a couple of people
> (thanks to everyone who replied, by the way.
> everyone's been coming to my aid lately ;), like i
> said, heard from a couple of people that the impedance
> adapter should be on the AMP end of the cable, not the
> MIC end. aside from the obvious weight benefit (in
> that it isn't hanging off the end of the mic...) is
> there any other reason to do this? some electrical or
> sonic reason?
>   if it's just a matter of weight, i'll probably skip
> it. the thing is that i want to be able to use the
> same cable for both the sm57 and the bullet, because i
> only have so much space in my case. but if there's
> something else going on, i might have to, so... what's
> the verdict?
>         --Jp
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