re: SM-57, adapter

hello again,

  so, i've already heard from a couple of people
(thanks to everyone who replied, by the way.
everyone's been coming to my aid lately ;), like i
said, heard from a couple of people that the impedance
adapter should be on the AMP end of the cable, not the
MIC end. aside from the obvious weight benefit (in
that it isn't hanging off the end of the mic...) is
there any other reason to do this? some electrical or
sonic reason? 
  if it's just a matter of weight, i'll probably skip
it. the thing is that i want to be able to use the
same cable for both the sm57 and the bullet, because i
only have so much space in my case. but if there's
something else going on, i might have to, so... what's
the verdict?

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