Re: SM-57, wow!, help!

Hi JP,

I put mine on a stand and lean in and wrap my hands around it to cup it and
keep from scraping the back of the harp in it.  I do alot of stuff moving in
and cupping for the big boomy sound, using the proximity effect of the mike.
But then, if the song calls for it, I back off and get a more naturally eq'd
sound.  If you adjust the height, you can lean the stand over, if bending
down feels comfortable.  I do the same thing with 58's and my 545SD (the one
with the built in clip and switch).  By the way,  the stand mounting threads
have stripped out on the 545 a long time ago.  Is there any way to
rejuvinate the them?  I don't know what big/little Walter would have done,
but it works for me.


Howard Chandler

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> Jp Pagan wrote:
> >bought an SM-57 ... <snip>
> >holy hand cramp, batman!
> > cupping that little sucker is a P.A.I.N...
> >
> Hi JP,
>  I know what you mean about the cramp a smaller mic can give you. I use a
> Shure Beta 57, which I love, I also have a 545SD but they can be a pain to
> hold. One thing I did which helped was to wrap some foam padded medical
> around the part of the mic that I grip. I put in as many wraps as it takes
> to get it wide enough for a comfortable grip. You can even cut down the
> and put in a couple of narrow wraps then cover with the full width wraps
> create a ridge that rests between your fingers to help you grip. Also on
> 545SD ( and I think on the SM 57) you can use the wrap over the gap area
> the mic head that kinda "floats". this makes it more stable and it keeps
> from making unwanted noise while handling the mic. I keep meaning to look
> for some tape that looks cooler than the skin colored medical tape,
> some handlebar tape or tennis raquet tape, but in any case it seems to
> I also put my transformer ( a Whirlwind "Little Imp") on the amp end of
> xlr microphone cable helping to make the mic shorter. Slinging the cable
> over your shoulder also aleviates the pull of the cable somewhat, insterad
> of it hanging down to the ground.
> I hope that helps,
> Shane
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