Re: SM-57, wow!, help!


     Hi, the SM57 is my Mic of Choice, so maybe I can help out, first you
need to get an impedance adapter on the "other" end of the cable.  The
adapter then ends up at the amp and not near the mic. Also, a mic cable with
an on/off is the best way to go. SM57's can also get a little "slippery" as
your hands sweat, one wrong dance step and it will go sliding right outta'
your hand! Here's what i do, get about a 2" strip of velcro , tape the fuzzy
half to the top of your amp and the opposite piece on the side of the SM57.
This gives you a nice grip and then on break, (if you have the on/off
cable), switch it off and velcro it to your amp. This will prevent it from
falling or gettting knocked off you amp while on break!

   Regarding the cupping part, you'll get use to different ways of holding
it after awhile, you'll also find that because of the great response, you
won't need to cup as tight to get a 'big' sound. As far as the chrom, this
is not a good mic for a 280, but works fairly well with the 270 which is my
chrom of choice. I'd stick to the Bullet for 280 blues-style
chrom..................................................hope this
helps.............and enjoy your new mic!!!

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> hey all,
>    oh boy... so... i blew some dough on a new mic, as
> i needed a backup. bought an SM-57 pretty much on rep
> alone.
>    this thing is great! it has a nice warm tone, and
> the bass is really punchy. and no feedback. not even a
> whisper. it's comparing well to my bullet, which has
> muddier bass, slightly weaker tone, and is more
> feedback resistant. it MAY be a not so great element,
> of course, but i'm still surprised at the difference.
>   now the downsides -- holy hand cramp, batman!
> cupping that little sucker is a P.A.I.N., especially
> with the chromatic (the other problem, it picks the
> bass side of the chro so much more than than the high
> end notes). AND, because of the impedance adapter and
> the male/female adapter i ended up having to get, the
> thing is like 10ft. long before i even get to the
> cable! there's no way to hold it but straight down. i
> think i can get a better impedance adapter (this one
> isn't very snug and ends in a male 1/4", but it's all
> they had) which will be a start. any other
> suggestions? start working out more? :)
>   anyway... so, i've got a great new backup, maybe
> even first-string, mic. i'm happy. just need to
> "smooth the edges" as it were. darlin', help me,
> please!
>       --J
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