Re: Mic Cables

Jp Pagan wrote:
>   i was just wondering if there's anything special i
> should look for in a guitar cable to use on mics. in
> my case, i have a Green Bullet (it takes a 1/4") and i
> might get an SM57 with an impedance adapter. either
> mic will go to an amp (perhaps through a Harp
> Commander, perhaps not). 

I bought a really nice cable from Tim Northcutt of Hot Rod Harps at 
SPAH2003.  It's a very nicely made (gold plated connectors, heavy 
construction) 15' 1/4"-to-1/4" guitar cable with a built in circuit 
interupter in one end.  It's not a switch, it's a circuit interupter, 
so there's no "POP" when you switch it off.  Keep it at the head and 
you have an on/off switch on every 1/4" mic head you own.  Use it at 
a gig to switch mic heads in the middle of a performance.  As I have 
been switching most of my mics to 1/4", this is very handy for me.  

- -tim

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