Re: Daily Almanac - September 17 CORRECTION TO MY PUBLIC THANK YOU'S

I meant to say Jim Rossen, for the id'ing of my Carvin amp.  Thanks, Jim, 
and sorry about getting your name mixed up.  I was trying to go from memory, 
and, well......what was I saying?


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>Subject: Re: Daily Almanac - September 17 a few things I'd like to say
>Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:45:11 -0400
>Happy B-day, BBQ BOB!!
>Peter, we'll miss the almanacs, and greatly appreciate your time and 
>efforts in delivering them each day.  I personally look forward to them, 
>and they're the first mail I open on any given day.
>To the _______ who wrote the scathing email about the misspelled name, get 
>a friggin' life!  The man took time out of his hectic day to acknowledge 
>you, and you think you have the right to bitch someone out for leaving a 
>letter out of your name?  Must be nice to be that perfect.
>After saying that, I'd like to publicly thank a few people for help given 
>me in the past and present:
>Stephen Schneider and Don D., for endless amp advice and for steering me in 
>the right direction for working on my amps.  We can't let guitar players 
>mod our amps, can we? ; )   Don, thanks also for the help on Pick Up the 
>Hal Iwan, for the "Off the Wall" tabs you sent me a long time ago, and for 
>turning me on to the Tom Burns version of the tune.
>Jim Danzen (hope I spelled that right), for helping me identify my Carvin 
>amp, after over a year of trying to figure what make it was.
>Vince Cheney, for your enthusiasm and hard work in establishing the Blues 
>Site, and the chats.  A real bluesman.
>Winslow, though I don't think we've ever communicated personally, your 
>posts on music theory are always well-received and very informative.  I 
>always look forward to them.
>Danny, thanks again for the gig list updates.  They are a treasure.
>And all the rest of you for keeping the list fun and informative.  Never 
>let the turkeys bring you down!
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