re: custom harps

Hi All,
Just a few notes on my experiences with custom harps. Basically I would not
be without mine.....They respond fantastically and totally outlast anything
stock. For example I had quite a few Lee Oskars worked on about 5 years ago
by Pat Missin when he was still here in the UK, and to date only one has
gone flat on me. 18 month to 2 years ago I bought a half set of Marine Bands
from Tim Moyer in the States, and so far all of these are still working
perfect. Last but not least I am fortunate to own a Renny from ILUS and this
also works perfectly after 2 years of happy ownership. I should mention that
I pick up my harps daily, so as to confirm that their survival is not due to
them living in the case :-)
I guess what im trying to say do get what you pay
for........and in the long run I reckon they work out cheaper , the reasons
of which have been mentioned in previous posts, for example: they do not
need playing as hard as perhaps some out of the box instruments tend to
need, except of course for the odd good un LOL.
So I would say to anybody....if you can afford them.
 Just my two bobs worth,
Gary Hill

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