Re: Daily Almanac - September 17 a few things I'd like to say

Happy B-day, BBQ BOB!!

Peter, we'll miss the almanacs, and greatly appreciate your time and efforts 
in delivering them each day.  I personally look forward to them, and they're 
the first mail I open on any given day.

To the _______ who wrote the scathing email about the misspelled name, get a 
friggin' life!  The man took time out of his hectic day to acknowledge you, 
and you think you have the right to bitch someone out for leaving a letter 
out of your name?  Must be nice to be that perfect.

After saying that, I'd like to publicly thank a few people for help given me 
in the past and present:

Stephen Schneider and Don D., for endless amp advice and for steering me in 
the right direction for working on my amps.  We can't let guitar players mod 
our amps, can we? ; )   Don, thanks also for the help on Pick Up the Pieces.

Hal Iwan, for the "Off the Wall" tabs you sent me a long time ago, and for 
turning me on to the Tom Burns version of the tune.

Jim Danzen (hope I spelled that right), for helping me identify my Carvin 
amp, after over a year of trying to figure what make it was.

Vince Cheney, for your enthusiasm and hard work in establishing the Blues 
Site, and the chats.  A real bluesman.

Winslow, though I don't think we've ever communicated personally, your posts 
on music theory are always well-received and very informative.  I always 
look forward to them.

Danny, thanks again for the gig list updates.  They are a treasure.

And all the rest of you for keeping the list fun and informative.  Never let 
the turkeys bring you down!


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