Fwd: RE: custom diatonic harmonicas

"Scorcher" wrote:
> So how come you never hear about Custom Lee Oskars?

I have a very nice customized Lee Oskar that I built to overblow.  

My personal feeling is that for the kinds of customizations I do to 
my own harps, and the style I play, the "benefits" of the Lee Oskar 
start to diminsh.  I'm pretty easy on a harp, so I don't really 
capitalize on the vaunted longevity of Oskars.  I don't care too much 
for the ergonomics of the Oskar, and I don't generally play equal 
tuned harps.  On top of all that, the brightness of the Oskar is 
objectionable to me, and setting them up for overblows is problematic 
(though far from impossible).  

For the amount I invest in the customizing process, I'd rather start 
with something closer to where I'm trying to get, like a handmade 
Special 20, which is already compromise tuned, and doesn't have the 
same overblow squealing issues, or inherent tone problems.  If I want 
equal tuning I'll start with a Golden Melody.  

Just my two cents.

- -tim

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