Re: Daily Almanac - September 16

>From: <pkrampert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Blues singer and harmonica player Billy Boy Arnold was born on this day in
>1936.  Arnold was boyhood friends with Bo Diddley and appeared on Diddley's
>first few recordings.

According to "Blues with a Feeling", the Glover/Dirks/Gaines biography of 
Little Walter, Arnold say he suggested using the term "bo diddley" to 
replace the original risque lyrics for "Hey Noxema" which become the song 
released in 1957 as "Hey! Bo Diddley".

Leonard Chess liked the phrase so much, he changed Ellas McDaniel's name to 
"Bo Diddley" on the record.

By the way, "Blues with a Feeling" is a great read. I highly recommend it.


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