Side Effects of my first SPAH in Dallas....

It has been a few weeks now since I attended my first SPAH convention. I
wanted to wait until the initial glow faded before I shared a few personal
thoughts with this forum. First off...the initial glow has not faded. It has
actually become brighter! One of my great joys in life is now trying to
explain to my non harp-head friends and family what exactly I witnessed and
participated in for 5 days in Dallas. The musicianship, energy,
spirituality, fellowship & sharing that I experienced was phenomenal to say
the least.

After 25 years of enjoying the "harmonica lifestyle" in my own little "harp
kiddie pool" this was perhaps one the most rewarding weeks of my entire
life. The thrill of jumping off the high board into an "olympic sized harp
pool" was worth every minute and every penny spent. I find myself practicing
and playing much more on a daily basis after the SPAH experience. Harp has
always been a part of my life but now I am putting so much more of my life
into the harp!

There are too many names to mention here of people that I would like to
acknowledge for enhancing my SPAH experience. Fact is I could list every
attendee! I hope I let those that touched me most know how much I
appreciated meeting and hanging with them. No doubt some of these new
friendships will last a lifetime.

In closing I would like to encourage other "SPAH Virgins" to take there
clothes off and jump into the pool next year in St. Louis. I wish I had done
it sooner. Don't let your level of play have any bearing on your decision.
Fact is, this is one investment opportunity that is guaranteed to give you a
major return. If you love your harps then show them your love. Take 'em on a
trip to the mountain'll be glad you did!


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