Harpers' International Giglist Reminder

Those wishing to be included in the Harpers' International Gig
Listings, or who have additions/deletions since last Wednesday's
internet post, please forward updates to me by


for next Wednesday's internet post. Thank you.

Listings received after noon on Wednesday may or may not be
included in the weekly update to the various internet harmonica
forums at Harp-L, Harp Chat and Harp Talk.  Also, listings 
after the deadline will not be available to the American 
Newsmagazine Editor until the following Wednesday (one week
later).  So those desiring to be included in the AHN need to 
their listings to me by the deadline noted above, for a 
better chance
of making the AHN publishing deadline.

Email: bassharp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

This list is designed for, and dedicated to, the promotion of
harmonica artists, whether soloists, band leaders, or sidemen.
With apologies to other groups, we are not able to accept
listings for groups who do not feature, or include harp players,
due to space limitations.

Due to time constraints, we are unable to access all the various
artist websites for itinerary updates, or the Pollstar listings,
and depend on each artist to submit directly to me.  Please 
me this consideration, and thank you all very much.

Please use the following layout format:
Date (Month/Day)  City, State (or Country) - Venue

01/05   W Hollywood, CA - House Of Blues
12/31   Sarnia, ON, CANADA - Huey's Junkyard

All lists must be submitted in English.

NOTE: The web-based gig list is updated daily, and can be 
accessed at any time, at:
Please be sure to bookmark.

Q&A - http://www.bassharp.com/giglist.htm

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