Little Walter's Mic???


> The mic in question which Walter is holding is a Japanese copy called 

> Claricon 38-011. Walter is also known to have used another copy called a Monarch 

> MC-24. Walter reportedly would tape two of these mics togther and run them in 

> stereo to both sides of the stage for sound. All this information I culled from 

> Pete Sheridan's "The Quest for Tone in Amplified Harp." The major similarity for 

> all of the Slim X type microphones is the fact that they sound horrible (Yes 

> even worse than the reissue Green Bullets). They are some of the worst 

> sounding microphones I have used and would strongly advise against using them. 


> Andrew


Geez Andrew, 

    I gotta disagree with you on this one.  Now I do agree that the Green Bullet RI sounds awful to me (although, I've heard some players that sound fine thru them), but the Shure "Slim-X 777s" is a great mic and has a great tone.  As with any crystal cartridge you get good and bad ones, but they are a "ripping" mic with an awesome hold and bark when they are "right"!  To say they "sound horrible" would indicate that this may be a mic that doesn't appeal to everyone (for instance, you...), but I certainly have used them with great success through everything from a "4-10 Bassman" to a "4-10 Harpking"....I especially like the way it pushes my little "1-10 Spirit Harp-Pro".... Mics are like anything else, in musical instruments, there are good and bad versions, some items are in better condition than others,.... and last but not least, not everything appeals to everybody....Does every guitar player play a "Strat"?

    There's also a, little known, cool ceramic version of the "Slim-X 777s" called a "245s".  A bit darker tone, but it will bite you on your "backside" if you don't watch out, just like the 777s.....They Honk!

    Who cares if this is really the mic that Walter used.  Walter sounded good through all his mics. Also,... so there's no pictures of Walter playing this mic? does that means he never used them???  There's no pictures of me in the bathtub, but that doesn't mean I don't bathe....Logic would say that there is a lot we will never know about Little Walter....No one knows for sure what he might have tried on any given gig...The same is true for most musicians.   


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