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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 11:00:11 EDT
From: Lockpm@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re:William Clarke Video?

Hi to everybody on the list

Does anybody know of a Contact Address or Email for The much lamentedWilly 
Clarke,s widow?
I know that she has a concert video for sale and would love to get a copy!

Or if you have an alternative source this would be fine also.

Paul Lock

The Video - "My Last Goodbye" - 2 hour video of Bill performing at 3 
different venues. This video is a personal look of my late husband (from the person 
that was closest to!) Price for the video is $30.00 including postage 
(u.s.) $37 (foreign)

If anyone is interested they can email me and I will get right back to them. 
Thank you for inquiring,

Send Check or Money Order To:

> Jeannette Clarke
> 126 Oakwood Drive
> Jefferson Hills, PA 15025

Jeannette Clarke
<A HREF="mailto:JLodovici@xxxxxxx";>email for more information: JLodovici@xxxxxxx</A>   

Highly wife bought this video for me last Christmas and it's 
fantastic. Jeanette is a real sweetheart too, when my wife told her what a 
huge fan I am she sent along one of Bill's old harps as well, an old Marine Band 
in the key of C with the 5 reed blown out! Worth every penny this video, 
you'll love it.

All the best,

Paul Wallace.

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