Re: Daily Almanac - September 13

Peter Krampert wrote:
One subject that they don't seem to teach in schools these
days is self-reliance.  It's truly a shame because self-reliance is
one of the most important traits that a person can have. . . 
Self-reliance gives you freedom.  If someone says it can't
be done, prove them wrong.  There is an immense satisfaction to be had
defying the odds.

This is all true.  I want to add only that self-reliance means being
able to depend on yourself; it doesn't mean going it alone.  Life is a
team sport, and accomplishing anything important in this world requires
a strong team, not to mention a worthy mission that means something to
the whole team.  

A lot of musicians, especially blues musicians, who work long hours
under difficult conditions for low pay most of their lives, tend to
think of self-reliance as going it alone.  It's not.  Strength and
isolation are two different things, and isolation ultimately reduces

Harmonica content: harmonica players can't afford to go it alone in this
world, which is and ever will be a cruel place for the isolated.  Pay
attention to relationships in addition to the harmonica, and build a
solid team, starting at home.  

Disclaimer: I am not worthy to make the statements above.  But it's what
I think.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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