RE: Tips for special 20 surgery?

Howard Chandler asks:

> Is it better to replace the old nails vice replacing with
> screws?

Screws are much more secure, and they facilitate later repairs - I recommend

> If screws what's the best way to go about it?
> What special
> tools will be needed?

A tiny drill just a BIT (no pun intended) larger than the screw...numbered
machinist's bits, if you can get them will give you smaller increments of
size- not too high a speed (drill motor RPM), a drill PRESS is recommended,
but not mandatory, if you're accustomed to (& accurate at) drilling things

Drill both plates & the comb all at the same time, (you might want to leave
most of the nails IN for this step) if you're not using a fixture ("JIG").
Make sure you get ALL the dust / shavings out & de-burr your reedplates AND
COMB before re-assembly.

I like 5/8" #1 Stainless Steel Machine screws & nuts...Longer ones are OK,
too - just trim the length with a little Dremel cut-off wheel.

I never bother with screws at the front of the reedplate (where your mouth
goes) - I slightly arc the front edge of the covers & rely on them to secure
the front edge of the reedplates.

> What about micropore tape and other such comb sealing tricks?  Is this
> necessary on plastic combed harps?

The recessed design of S20s / LOs don't require it, but if you really feel
ambitious, have at it!
I guess if you're embossing your reedplates & close-gapping for OBs, you
might want a gasket just to be "sure"...

My $.02 USD

- -Scorcher

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