Re: Blues Jr Speaker Upgrade - Wow! (long)

    Just think, it will actually start to sound even better once it's broken in!

Glad to hear you're happy with it,
Don D.

Mojo Red wrote:

> Okay... I realize I'm gushing, but I wanted to put
> it out there to all you BJ owners who may be happy
> but not completely satisfied with your amp's tonal
> palate. Get yourself a speaker upgrade!!
> I highly recommend Weber's 12A100 model, but the
> Jensen P12R re-issue and the MojoTone MP12R models
> are equivilent options that I also considered (but
> they won't come with the cool H dust cap mod).
> Can't wait to take this pup to a gig.
> Harpin' in Harp-Amp Heaven in Colorado,
> --Ken M.

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