Re: Amp techs Question

    I'm not sure exactly what kind of amp you're refering to, but
usually I would return the signal to the input of the phase inverter
circuit.  Presuming you're talking about the common Fender AB763
circuit, you would run a lead, with a 220K resistor in series, from a
1/4" jack to the apex of the two 220K channel isolation resistors, where
they feed into the phase inverter input coupling cap.  Actually a very
easy install.  On a Fender combo you could unhook the external speaker
jack from the regular speaker jack and use that as an input.  Oh yeah,
if you have problems with the input picking up hum or RFI, you should
use that special mini shielded cable that is used to wire the input
jacks on Fender amps, remember to solder the braided shield to ground on
the input side and lift it on the phase inverter side.

Good luck,
Don D.

Jp Pagan wrote:

> hi guys,
>    i know this isn't amp-l, but since i know and trust
> (most of) you ;) and lots of you know about amps, i
> have a question: anyone here ever had an input placed
> on their amp that goes directly to the power amp
> section? like the "Return" on an effects loop? i'm
> wondering if it'd be a major procedure...
>    thanks,
>          --Jp

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