Re: tube rectifier on a 1983 fender concert

    Yes, first you should have a thorough knowledge of woking on tube
amps, you'll be dealing with very high (and lethal) voltages in this
part of the amp.  If not, the work should be done by a pro amp tech.  I
would look into the module type Copper Cap rectifier that is built and
sold by Weber VST, this is a solid state that functions the same as a
tube type rectifier.  It would much easier to install one of these
instead of trying to cut a new tube socket and install and auxillary
filament transformer for a tube rectifier.  Information about the Copper
Cap rectifier can be found on the Weber website at:
I'm not going to get into the details on how to install it here, most of
that can be found on the Weber site, if you're still not sure on the
installation, then the work should be left to a pro tech to do.

Good luck and work safely,
Don D.

philippe Cabrit wrote:

> hi!
> i'm looking for a mod
> i now have a 1983 fender concert 4X10 and i want do a mod for the
> rectifier...
> someone here know one?
> philippe
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