Re: Archives

michael polesky wrote:
> Several months ago Keith Graham wrote me asking if he could host 
> our archive on his site  I sent Keith the early 
> data and Michael Polesky sent the later years and with Keith's hard 
> work we have an archive of sorts.  Keith invites folks to take a 
> look at his work and let him know what you think.  
> Thanks go out to Gary Warren and Danny Wilson for their compulsive
> collecting of the harp-l posts and their willingness to share them 
> with all of us.  Thanks also go out to Bobbie Giordono, her 
> compulsive researching led to the other breakthrough I mentioned.  

Wow, a real mixed bag.  On the one hand, because of a tremendous 
amount of hard work, there is a very complete archive with thread 
linking and date organization, much more complete than any of our 
other archive efforts, for which I am grateful.  

On the other hand, without a useful search or more complete header 
information such as a single, hierarchical listing by some larger 
block than daily, it's nearly impossible to find anything unless you 
know fairly precisely when it was posted or are willing to plow 
through all the messages by hand.  

While I don't want to appear ungrateful for all the hard work and 
team effort that took place, I'm anxiously awaiting a new interface 
that will let me search to a specific message, and to see message 
headings with a little more context and information.

- -tim

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