Cheap reverb alert

Musicians Friend ( is blowing out some of their
Danelectro pedals.  Among the items on sale is a 3-piece combo of a
tuner pedal, the Chicken Salad Vibrato, and the Corned Beef Reverb for
$20.  (They're also selling the Milk Shake Chorus pedal for $20.)

The Corned Beef reverb pedal has gotten very mixed reviews on Harmony
Central.  Some people seem to like it a lot, others not at all.  It
appears that this reverb has a sound all its own, for better or worse. 
Feedback on the Vibrato pedal is more consistently approving.  

I don't have much use for a tuner myself, but a usable reverb pedal and
a good vibrato pedal for $20 is a good find at a yard sale, let alone a
retailer.  I bought one of those packages yesterday.  List members in
the market for an inexpensive gig-able reverb might also find it worth a
try.  I wouldn't recommend it for studio-level recording; the Alessis
Picoverb at about $80 or the Alessis Nanoverb at about $100 are probably
the best choices for extremely cash-strapped studios, although a lot of
online retailers are now blowing out the Alessis Ineko at $60, and
that's a good box full of time-based effects.  The best choice of all
for low-end studio-quality reverb is still the Lexicon MPX110 at $200;
that extra $100 buys you a very nice reverb (and delays, and chorus, and
flange) that you'll never have to apologise for, no matter who's

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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