Re: Johnny Cash, 1932-2003

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I love Johnny Cash, always have.  Even more so now that I'm older.  I just
bought his last CD two weeks ago.

He wasn't cool when I was a kid.  So I just admired him quietly.  The song
"Jackson" that he did with his wife (also amazingly talented) is magic.

I discovered Johnny Cash about 5 years ago and have been thoroughly amazed at 
the level talent and artistry he possessed. His songs were immediately 
catchy, straightforward, and best of all honest. Cash didn't play by Nashville's 
rules for premier country artists and as a result some of the finest country 
music ever recorded was given to us. So guys tonight if you are out playing a gig: 
piss off a club owner, break a stage light, or just flat out tell it like it 
is in memory of Johnny Cash. 


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