Since we left the former garply site we haven't had a functioning archive
of the harp-l messages.  Several months ago Keith Graham wrote me asking
if he could host our archive on his site  I sent Keith
the early data and Michael Polesky sent the later years and with Keith's
hard work we have an archive of sorts.  Keith invites folks to take a look
at his work and let him know what you think.  This does not preclude
harp-l hosting its own archive at  In fact recently we've had
a break through in that department and I expect to see a working archive
sooner rather than later.  The really neat thing is all of the older wku
archives have been restored.  The Garply archive was never complete. 
Thanks go out to Gary Warren and Danny Wilson for their compulsive
collecting of the harp-l posts and their willingness to share them with
all of us.  Thanks also go out to Bobbie Giordono, her compulsive
researching led to the other breakthrough I mentioned.  Again and follow the url to the archive.

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