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Date:    Fri, 12 Sep 2003 12:46:38 +0000

Mike thank you so much for the tip.  It is a good thing that I am starting to 
practice this technique for the diatonic.  I just got an XB 40. I took up Tim 
Northcutt's offer.  It is a monster.  I know it is not the size but how you 
use it. A lot of that harmonica depends on pinpoint accurate high and low 
blowbends. I tried it out a bit and some of the notes just on the high end 
simple draw are hard to finesse out like the 7 draw. I wonder if you or any 
ofthe other harp players have any ideas on how to approach this big bad boy 
with a better embouchure. Kind of exciting. Feel like a lion tamer entering 
the cage with a chair and a whip. 

Another unforseen and potential problem is my new Masterclass Stage case. 
Just bought one. Got it all rigged.  Now in a  few months to a year I will 
start pestering myself on whether I should get more XB-40 monsters to 
practice with and then of course to gig with.  Well how am I going to fit 
them into my wonder Masterclass case?  I would need a new wing put onto the 
metal mansion.  Perhaps they will come out with a new interior pattern or use 
the top pad. Good grief Charlie Brown this is getting expensive!

 Dennis "Doc" Alters

 Harp and Vocals
 The Alternators

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