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I'm using lip block embouchure .
The thing is, I seem to get 4D down to Db ( C harp ) ..... but just for =
a split second, and about only once or twice a day, and it really sounds =
awful ( I have a chromatic tuner, so I can see the needle bounce all =
over the show ). I've tried improving, but like I said, to no avail. I =
also have a D harp, no success there either .... obviously !.
I'll be sure to take some time, and try your technique.=20
I suppose this is where the saying "different strokes for different =
folks", really apply !.


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  Are you using a pucker or tongue block to achieve a single note?  If =
it is a pucker, try putting your tongue high in your mouth, then =
suddenly drop it to the back of your mouth, while keeping about the same =
draw pressure.  Also some holes are easier to bend than others ( I think =
the 2 or 3 draw are probably easiest) and a harp in the mid range such =
as a C would probably be better to try than a G or F (lowest standard =
and highest standard)

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