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Javier Toral <ftoral@xxxx> wrote:
> A friend of mine sent me a picture of some harps on
sale in an
> Argentinian site (
There's one of them
> named "Seductora", which case shows a picture of a
flamenco dancer. The
> question is... Did any of you play any flamenco
tunes? If so, please
> write me. My wife is a flamenco dancer and it would
be interesting to
> add some harp to live performances.

Hola Fernando,
   i don't play any flamenco, but my cousin does, and
i've become interested in putting harmonica into
flamenco music. from what i know, VERY little flamenco
has harmonica in it. however, there is one chromatic
harmonica player, his name is Antonio Serrano and he's
from Spain, who is on a couple of flamenco CDs.

   i own one, called "la Cuidad de las Ideas" by
Vicente Amigo, but he (Antonio Serrano) barely plays
any harmonica, and then, only a tune that doesn't
sound much like flamenco. there is another, however,
by Nono Garcia called "Atun y Chocolate", also with
Serrano, which should be much better. try finding that
CD, and it may help you.
   one last thing: the "Seductora", i thought, was
from Hering, not Hohner.

i don't know this site you mentioned (mercado libre)
but make sure they are reputable and not selling you
something that's really something else. the Hering
Seductora is an "Octave" harmonica, i suppose the
Hohner Seductora, if there is one, is probably the
same way. that means it has 2 reeds that play the same
note, one octave apart. it doesn't sound like a
regular harmonica, but more like an accordion (well,
that depends on how you play it, of course.) if you
want to know more about octave harmonicas, check out
Pat Missin's website:

  the sound can be very beautiful, but it may not be
what you are used to or what you are looking for. let
us know what you find out...

   buena suerte,

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