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You might find a few here:

Good luck!

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- --- Larry Pratt <LPratt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm doing a "show" for my son's Cub Scout Pack in
> a couple weeks.  I
> have most of this down pretty well.  A little
> history; a little physics;
> and lots of playing many different types of
> harps; from 4 hole minis to
> two foot chordomonicas; show off several unusual
> (and visually
> interesting) antiques.
> Ultimately, I need to get the boys (about 90)
> playing along to some
> song.  I'm thinking of something relatively easy
> like "Clementine".  I'd
> hand out a tab with the harps.  I'm planning to
> close the meeting with
> "Taps".  Any other ideas, anyone may have would
> be well appreciated.
> Best Regards to All,
> Larry Boy Pratt
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