Richard Hunter free download for September 2003

I'll be releasing my latest free electric harmonica recording, a full
band version of "The Longing," which was released as an acoustic
harmonica solo on my CD "The Act of Being Free in One Act," to my
subscriber list within the next day or two.

This recording is pretty lush and smooth, even if it's not smooth jazz
per se.  It may be of interest to some on this list that I recorded the
harmonica parts (all played on a Lee Oskar Natural Minor in A) in a
hotel room using the built-in microphone on my Zoom PS02 portable
digital recorder, playing to a bass and drum track generated by the
PS02.  I later imported both the harmonica and drum-bass MIDI parts into
Cakewalk Sonar for embellishment and mixing.  I think the sound of the
harmonica -- with a little EQ and delay added -- is very good for this
piece, though if you soloed the harmonica tracks you might hear a little
bit of noise here and there. The PS02 isn't a substitute for a
full-blown recording rig, but it's really pretty nice to have a
reasonably high-fidelity recording device the size and weight of a pack
of cigarettes that includes a built-in mic and a generator for bass and
drum parts.  (It's certainly better for your health than a pack of

If you're interested in joining my free subscription list, all you have
to do is go to, read through the
agreement -- which basically says I provide the music for your personal
use only, and you agree not to pass it around -- and send me an email
with the email address you want me to use to notify you of downloads
when they're available.  I promise not to share your email address with
anyone, period. 
That's it.  You give me an email address, I give you music.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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