Re: Blow Bends

Mojo Red wrote:
> My general rule of thumb regarding high-end harp
> work (and blow bends) is that a little bit goes a
> long way with listeners. Use them in good health!

Not to take issue with the Mojo man -- a little can go a long way on 
the high end of the harp -- but learning how to transition from the 
low end to the high end (crossing that 6-7 hole barrier) and actually 
PLAY the high end of the harp can have a profound effect on your 
style.  The blow bends then go from punchy punctuation notes to 
actual notes in the melody or solo lines that you're doing.  And I'm 
not talking about Popper-esque effluence, I mean using that third 
octave up there.  Most players don't.  

- -tim

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