Re: Whammer-Jammer Tablature

At 02:20 11/09/2003 +0900, Bobbie Giordano wrote:

A lot of good sense about permissions and publication.

She is, of course, quite right in what she says.

No permission then no publication.

I would ask Rick to get in touch with me privately so that we can talk 
about this and also I will publish an apology in Harmonica Happenings.

Not an excuse but this was a case where, on the surface it appeared that I 
had done the correct thing but deadlines prevented a more thorough 
investigation. I was arranging the collection of all the music and several 
of the articles in HH on a very short timescale and slipped up. I had, as I 
thought, all the correct permissions from all the people.  Sorry Rick. I 
passed the permissions on to our Editor George Davis... so the buck stops here.

Douglas Tate
President ... SPAH

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