Re: Blow Bends

>From: "IronMan Mike Curtis" <ironman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (SELECTIVE 

>The high blow bends are IMHO underused by most harmonica players.  
>love 'em.  If I want to get a crowd stirred up, QUICK, I'll take a high 
>When can you use 'em?  Constantly.  They're every bit as valid as the low
>notes, and because so many harpers shy away from them, you'll find yourself
>in rarefied company.>>>>>>>>

I agree with Mike.  I know that mine's only a minority interest, but in 
Irish tunes on the diatonic harp you are a bit restricted as to the types of 
  ornamentation available.  Blow bending at the high end is a really useful 
thing to be able to do - not necessarily to get missing notes, but more to 
get a bit more expressiveness into the music in a "slurring" kind of way.  
As with any technique, it needs to be used judiciously - less is more!  Any 
chance I get to plug the Irish thing....!

Steve Shaw.

Want more than the blues?  Try Irish!

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