Re: every body needs somebody

Your A harp will handle these chords easily.  C# is 5th position.  Blow 2/5
is the root.  Try something like 2B 2D 3Dbb 3D4D, then play something in A,
then again something like this 5th position lick, then a lick in B.

You also have the option of just laying out during the chorus. If you can't
add to the music, this may be your best option.  But there's no reason you
can't handle this one with aplomb.

On Tuesday, September 09, 2003 3:16 AM [GMT-7=PDT],Simon
<Simon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm coming out of the 'lurkers closet' with a question. My band wants
> to play the song "Everybody needs somebody to love", made popular by
> the Blues Brothers. We play the song in the key of E, (I play an A
> harp in second position)which is fine untill the bit that goes
> "sometimes i feel etc" the chords change from E,A,D,A  to
> C#m,A,C#m,B and then I have trouble! I can't seem to get the A harp
> to fit. This may be down to bad technique (I am fairly comfortable
> with a blues in second position, though I can't overblow or do any of
> the fancy stuff you guys talk about). So what would you advise? What
> key harp should I swap to that would fit those chords in second
> position?any advice you give will be gratefully received. I await
> your pearls of wisdom!
> Thanks
> Simon

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