Re: XB bending vs Overblowing

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I heard that Les Paul made a hand held harp for Little Walter that  =
emulated what we know today as the DX-7 synth. Walter then paid Les Paul =
to NEVER tell anyone his secret. That's why he cups so "Tight" in all =
his old pictures, so you can't see the harp he's playing!!!! this =
should help spread some light on it,-)))  rp

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  Subject: XB bending vs Overblowing

  The "vs" seems to imply a contest - not unlike the old "diatonic vs =
chromatic". The last thing we need is another line to be drawn dividing =
the harmonica community.

  XB is different than OB. Learning one is different than learning the =
other. Both lead to more note choices for the diatonic - this is a good =
thing. Each demands time spent on mastering the techniques needed and =
learning where the notes are.=20

  Will the purists suggest that XB is not relevant to blues because =
Little Walter didn't use one?

  The Iceman=20

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