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<< I am also wondering if just buying a better stock harp  would make more sense (such as a Suzuki Promaster, Meisterclass, etc.)>>

can't fully testify which customized harp might be the best.  the closest was hearing someone sit beside me with their filisko, demonstrating how rich the chords were (and they were).
i ~can~ say that the promaster and meisterclass aren't necessarily better just because they have metal combs and cost more.  i made this mistake after about a year of playing, my rationale being that if i was gonna play the harp, i should just get really good ones from the get go.  i bought a complete set of promasters, and while they are good harps (albeit, not very loud), they aren't better than the special 20s that i use now.  actually, now that i made the effort to learn gapping and tuning, the sp20s are much better.  of course, had i learned to do those things at the time, the promasters would sound just as good.
you mentioned using sp20s and marine bands.  unless you go the customized route, these are as good a set of harps as you could want.

as an aside, i will be selling the whole set of promasters before then end of the year, as soon as i get of my butt and buy a couple of replacement covers, so i can keep the two autographed covers i have.

steven j gatorman

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