Re: XB bending vs Overblowing; repost

George wrote:
"I have no doubt that jazz will be played on the XB-40. And ballads that 
modulate and have long exposed notes that will have to be produced by 
bending. To certain people, the result will always be musically unsatisfying 


The same could be said - by certain people - about any instrument. I've got 
a friend, a BIG jazz fan, whose musical taste I have a lot of respect for. I 
once told him about Howard Levy, and specifically about his Harmonica Jazz 
CD. "He plays jazz standards on a diatonic harmonica!" I said. My buddy 
said, "Why would I listen to that when I can hear a sax play 'em and sound 
better?" He went on to say that, outside of a pure blues context, he 
couldn't stand the sound of a harmonica - any harmonica. It takes all kinds, 
I guess.
The lesson, I suppose, is to play what sounds good to YOU (whether are 
Marine Band, chromatic, XB40, jug, whatever) and tell "certain people" to 
stick it if they don't like it.

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