Re: custom harps

 "david j. brown" asks:

> I'm at a point where my wallet can handle buying custom harps and I
want to
> start adding them a couple at a time. I'm interested in people's
> about the various makers, sellers, types, etc.

Depends on what you're after....

For the prestige factor, you just can't beat a Filisko, or a Sleigh...

Some customisers build with real nice-looking lucite combs, some with
Titanium, some with Stainless Steel, Some with Corian, Some with
Laser-cut Maple!

Some have a HUGE inventory of NOS parts, some have sophisticated
machines, some don't ship your harmonica to you for a YEAR...

Seriously, though, you didn't mention wanting any paticular
"playability" improvements...

Why don't you invest in some tools & tweak a few yourself? Try gapping
for OBs, re-tuning, etc.

Then maybe you'll have a better idea what YOU want from a custom

The main thing (I think) to look for is a) someone that customises the
instrument with characteristics YOU appreciate, and b) someone that
you can communicate with easily to suit YOUR needs.

My $ .02
- -Scorcher

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