custom harps

I sent this email previously right about when everyone was packing and
drooling to go to SPAH so I thought I'd toss it out again. I did receive a
few excellent responses from members but would like others from the brain
trust if y'all would be so kind:

I'm at a point where my wallet can handle buying custom harps and I want to
start adding them a couple at a time. I'm interested in people's opinions
about the various makers, sellers, types, etc.
 If it helps narrow the issue down a bit I play (primarily) blues and
bluegrass and am looking to buy diatonics. My current bag is a mix of stock
SP20's, Marine Bands, etc.

I am also wondering if just buying a better stock harp would make more sense
(such as a Suzuki Promaster, Meisterclass, etc.)

What say?

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