Re: XB bending vs Overblowing

I was referring to that section of "Donna Lee" but the Howard Levy version
in 1st position. I'll take a look at those other Parker tunes, thanx for
letting us know..........rob

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Subject: XB bending vs Overblowing

> Rob wrote:
> >Ok, OB'ers, when you get your X-40, try playing the
> >bridge to "Donna Lee". Oyeeeeeeeeeeeee vay!! it's a tuffy, the notes are
> >there, but controlling THOSE particular bends in THAT particular sequence
> >will drive youa bit bezerko,-)!!! Best to keep this on an OB harp!
> Not sure what you mean by the "bridge" to Donna Lee since its not an AABA
> but if you're talking about what happens at bar 28 in 2nd position, ouch!
I see what
> you mean!
> I don't think the XB is a great choice for bop tunes with a lot of
> But as I said in another message, blues based bop tunes like KC Blues,
Chi-Chi, or
> Now's The Time can be great on the XB.
> >On the other hand a melody like "There will Never be another You" IMO is
> >perfect for the XB-40, and very beautifully layed out!
> Except that in 2nd position you still need that 6 blow half-step bend to
get the "TRUE"
> in "But how can they come TRUE?"  The day I decide I have an "extra" XB-40
> around, I'm going to retune it to Country tuning.   That should make a
whole lot of
> standards a whole lot easier.
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