XB bending vs Overblowing

Rob wrote:

>Ok, OB'ers, when you get your X-40, try playing the
>bridge to "Donna Lee". Oyeeeeeeeeeeeee vay!! it's a tuffy, the notes are
>there, but controlling THOSE particular bends in THAT particular sequence
>will drive youa bit bezerko,-)!!! Best to keep this on an OB harp!

Not sure what you mean by the "bridge" to Donna Lee since its not an AABA progression,
but if you're talking about what happens at bar 28 in 2nd position, ouch! I see what
you mean!   

I don't think the XB is a great choice for bop tunes with a lot of modulations.
But as I said in another message, blues based bop tunes like KC Blues, Chi-Chi, or
Now's The Time can be great on the XB.

>On the other hand a melody like "There will Never be another You" IMO is
>perfect for the XB-40, and very beautifully layed out! 

Except that in 2nd position you still need that 6 blow half-step bend to get the "TRUE"
in "But how can they come TRUE?"  The day I decide I have an "extra" XB-40 laying
around, I'm going to retune it to Country tuning.   That should make a whole lot of
standards a whole lot easier. 

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