Re: every body needs somebody

Without actually playing along with the tune, which I
don't have, I would suggest that you might not want to
switch harps at all. C#m would be fifth position on an
A harp. Fifth is a pretty cool position to learn. It's
relatively easy and is the relative minor of cross
harp. 2 Blow is your root note. Then when you switch to
A you are in first position and for B you are in third.
This chord progression comes up a lot and 5th position
proves very handy.

You could also play a B harp in third position over the
C#m, but then you are in 1st flat or 12th position over
the A chord, or you could use an E and play in fourth
position over the C#, but then you are in 2nd flat or
11th position over the A. While neither of these
positions is too bad, I'd consider 5th to be much
easier - especially because of it's similarities to
cross harp.

Hope this helps.


On Tue, 9 Sep 2003 11:16:44 +0100, "Simon" wrote:
I'm coming out of the 'lurkers closet' with a 
question. My band wants to play the song "Everybody
needs somebody 
to love", made popular by the Blues Brothers. We play
the song in the key 
of E, (I play an A harp in second position)which is
fine untill the bit 
that goes "sometimes i feel etc" the chords change from
E,A,D,A  to  
C#m,A,C#m,B and then I have trouble! I can't seem to
get the A harp to 
fit. This may be down to bad technique (I am fairly
comfortable with a blues in 
second position, though I can't overblow or do any of
the fancy stuff you guys 
talk about). So what would you advise? What key harp
should I swap to that 
would fit those chords in second position?any 
advice you give will be gratefully received. I await
your pearls of 

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