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It's not a SlimX, and there are no pics of Walter with a Slim X.  There are
with a Shure 545, 635, and many bullets.  However, the mic George S. is
referring to is a "knock-off" of a SlimX, a cheaper made in Japan copy.
This is clearly evident from the cable/connector on the mic.  It's also
pretty obvious that Walter had two of these taped together, something Paul
Oscher mentioned to me at SPAH this year.   TOM ELLIS/Tom's Mics
Tom's right, 

The mic in question which Walter is holding is a Japanese copy called 
Claricon 38-011. Walter is also known to have used another copy called a Monarch 
MC-24. Walter reportedly would tape two of these mics togther and run them in 
stereo to both sides of the stage for sound. All this information I culled from 
Pete Sheridan's "The Quest for Tone in Amplified Harp." The major similarity for 
all of the Slim X type microphones is the fact that they sound horrible (Yes 
even worse than the reissue Green Bullets). They are some of the worst 
sounding microphones I have used and would strongly advise against using them. 


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