Blow Bends

Hi everyone,

First thanks for all the help that was offered a few months ago on accurate 
and articulate bending.  Many list members and some local friends took time 
to give me practice ideas like Iceman, Alan Adamson, and Mark Wilson.  So now 
is the time for me to get blow bends really down.  I am concerned about 
correct embouchure and if modifications are necessary, accurate note 
expression particularly when there are two half steps involved and not 
getting hypertensive and dizzy when trying to hit them.  Some players make it 
look easy and play them tastefully and others well need I say more.  Some 
ideas on when they seem to fit in best in solos would be helpful.  I have a 
fairly good feel but I wonder if there is some theory to help guide me and 
establish a better music foundation in adding this hot tasty segment to my 

Thanks in advance for the help.


- --
Dennis "Doc" Alters

Harp and Vocals
The Alternators

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