Re: XB bending vs Overblowing

jazmaan wrote:
> I'm curious how some of you dedicated overblowers who may 
> now own an XB-40 feel about it?  Will you stick with 
> overblowing or become converts?

I bought an XB-40 from Tim Northcutt at SPAH, and have been playing 
it a little.  It's interesting, I think it's kind of a different 
class of instrument from a diatonic (thought I realize that 
technically, it's tuned that way).  The most interesting thing to me 
about it is the ability to add ornamentations, like blow bends, 
whereever you want, no dependent on which hole, blow or draw.  I like 
it for playing standards.  For this reason, I almost wish it was 
Melody Maker tuned.  But I don't wish it enough to retune it!

I don't plan on switching my "normal" axe over to the XB-40 to 
replace my overblows.  Overblowing is starting to come as naturally 
as bends, and I find I can't play without it.  One thing that got me 
playing the harp in the first place was being able to stick one in my 
pocket, and the XB is just enough bigger to make that a problem for 
me.  I'll stick to my eclectic mix of Golden Melodies, classic 
Meisterklasses, and customized Marine Bands, and play the XB-40 when 
for some standards.  

- -tim

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