Los Lobos and the Blues

I don't evenknow who this post came from originally!

>"In a similar vein, I detest having nonblues artists on a blues bill. Los 
>Lobos is one of the finest, most intriguing rock acts to ever strap on 
>guitars, but there's no reason the East Los Angeles veterans this spring 
>should have headlined the Stockton Blues Festival".

Groups like Los Lobos in places like Stockton help to draw the people who do 
not care one way or the other for what purists and non-purists (me) consider 
blues. Los Lobos helps to sell CD's by Rod Piazza and other neo-pure blues 
acts lucky enough(just ask them!) to share the bill with The Wolves.
Butts in the seats are good for good (non-lip-synched) roots music.

Harp content-I saw LL headline the SF Blues Fest when I played a few acts 
down the bill from them. Charlie Musselwhite sat in.

No butts-No Shows!

Michael Peloquin

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