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I saw Studebaker John at the Upper Mississippi Shakedown earlier this year
and was not real impressed. He has the beret and the red, pointy shoes and a
whole bunch of technical ability but both his guitar and harp styles are
based on playing very fast runs, ala John Popper. It was kind of interesting
to hear him do the super fast stuff on the Chrom but his music just lacked
soul. The opening act was a local guy named Everett Smithson and I thought,
of the three bands with harp, he was the most impressive. His rhythm playing
was *essential* to the band's sound and, while not flashy, his solo's were
very tasteful. He also sings with a baritone voice that reminded me of Wolf.
Oh, by the way, the third band with a harp player was the headliner of the
festival; The Lamont Cranston Band. Pat Hayes of Lamont is very good as well
but he plays guitar most of the time. I'll be seeing them (Lamont Cranston)
again on the 20th. They're playing a street dance in my little town!

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> Re: Interesting article on the bluesI have NEVER seen Studebaker John
> Grimaldi without the "Beret"
> ...and he Sweats the Blues.... gads!... What a musician!
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>  Another of my pet peeves is guys playing blues wearing a "Beret". IF
> gonna play blues and IF you're gonna wear a BETTER be good. I
> think after hearing Norton Buffalo play, he is the ONLY guy (lately)
> quallified to wear a Beret. Besides?? Isn't a beret French?
>   Which begs the question "Who was the first blues-man (woman) to wear a
> Beret"?
> and more importantly..WHY??
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